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Foster a Beehive

The time has come that you can have a beehive in your garden, at a fraction of the cost, with free training and support from a Beekeeper.

Starting from January 2016, we will be running our first every "Foster a Beehive" project!

Keeping honeybees is a costly hobby for anyone who is wanting to get started and training courses add even more cost to this! we have developed a project where you can receive free online training. If you are local to Manchester, you can also attend our free practical sessions at our apiary. All this is delivered through the Bee Educated project.

The Bee Educated project is the foundation for any fosterer of our Hives. After you have completed the online training, you have the option to become a Fosterer or a supporter.

For those people that become Fosterers, we will order you a flat pack hive and show you how to assemble it. You will attend our practical training sessions and when the bees are ready, we will take them to your hive in your chosen location.

Each week throughout the season, you will be accompanied by one of our Beekeepers to inspect your hive for progress, infections and to identify any potential problems before they happen.

At the end of the season, if the bees have made enough honey, we will extract it and give it to you for whatever you wish to do with it.

If you wish to keep the bees another season, we will leave the hive with you.

Due to the cost of the hive and the bees, although you are only fostering the hive and colony, we need to charge for this service.

Unlike the cost of starting beekeeping yourself, we offer an extremely reasonable rate for fostering with options to pay in instalments.

Our fosterers get a lot of joy from watching the honeybees through the day. We get updates often with pictures of the bees bring pollen in on their back legs. Many people sit watching the bees for hours and cant wait to do the next hive inspection.

The Foster a beehive project is important not only for the bees but also the flowers and plans that need them, to reproduce!

Places on the project can be limited and to ensure that you get a colony of bees, if is worth reserving them! The online training can be done at your convenience and your beekeeper will educate you during every inspection through the bee season. We do advise that you start the online training early in the year as you will be able to plan flowers and plants that the bees will not be able to resist.

At any point, should you feel that you want more training or support, you can some down to the apiary, put a suit on and learn more beekeeping.

This project is like no other at the time of writing as most Beekeeping education and training is paid for or does not last the duration of the beekeeping season.

To reserve a colony or bees and discuss the options available, please use the contact us page.