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Sponsor a Beehive

Would you like to sponsor a beehive?

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By sponsoring a beehive, you are giving us the means to educate new beekeepers.

Are thinking of sponsoring a beehive for:

  • As part of a project with your community
  • As part of a project within your company or organisation

There are many reasons why you may be reading this page but the overall will be to support bees in the area. This is the place to start!

Beekeeping is an expensive hobby but a valuable one. The honey is in decline due to many factors, such as; the use of pesticides, farming, diseases, pests and predators and it is important that we do everything we can to reduce the decline, by doing our bit in our gardens and communities.

We have developed a few projects that we plan to support!

  1. Rent a beehive scheme - You can rent a beehive for a year, by paying a deposit and a weekly fee of £5. You will need to provide a place for the beehive, so you will keep with the bees in your garden or roof top. You will receive both knowledge and practical beekeeper training throughout the year, along with support from a beekeeper, who will attend your hive inspections throughout the spring and summer.
  2. Sponsor a Beehive - For a one off fee, we will locate a beehive for you. You have the option of doing nothing with the hive or you can nominate a person that we will train to become a beekeeper over a year. If you want, we will use social media to promote your company and the progress of the hive you have sponsored. You also have the option of having the produce from the hive which you can use to market your company.
  3. Donate - Either time or money! Either way, we will use social media to promote you as a thank you!

Show your commitment to the environment and local community.

What will you get back?

Which ever option you chose, you will be putting something into the community, environment and local surroundings, so in return, your will receive:

  • FREE beekeeping course for you or a nominated person.
  • FREE local honey from the hive you have sponsored, which you can jar and sell with your name/details on.
  • FREE updates on social media marketing, for you or your company, during the update on the hive you have sponsored.
  • FREE social media exposure for you or your company/organisation
  • Satisfaction that you have done your bit!

So if you would like to get involved and show your commitment to the environment and the honey bees in Manchester, it all starts here!!!!
'Sponsor a Beehive' now!