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Adopt a Beehive

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Save The Bees


Honey bees are becoming less popular across the UK, due to many man-made and environmental changes across the world. Most people, who have not been trained in Beekeeping, don't know the difference between a honey bee and a bumble bee, apart from the fact that honey bees make honey.

With the increased publicity of the decline of bees, many people have realised that that bees, including the honey bee are at the top of our food chain. Without bees, our fruit and veg will not be pollinated and there will be a shortage! We rely on bees for food!

Urban beekeeping is on the increase as bees natural habitats have been cultivated into farm land. Bees need a variety of vitamins and minerals, which is provided by wild flowers in meadows, to be strong and healthy. These meadows are now farmland with single crops, which can be treated with pesticides, killing bees.

Suburban gardens and city centres are becoming the place to keep bees, due to the variety of flowers, trees and plants that people grow and bees love.

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Wasp eating our dead bees.

The problem is not solved yet though, as bees have predators (wasps and hornets), pests (Varroa mite) and infections and diseases, such as Nosema, European Foul Brood and American Foul Brood, which can all kill colonies of bees outright and is easily transmitted to bees in the area.

This is why we need volunteers, supporters and adopters!

Attracting bees to your area is brilliant, but our beekeepers go beyond this, to ensure that the colony of bees survive all year round. Although bee loss is expected, we ensure that the loss is minimised.

The Cost of Beekeeping

If you plan to start beekeeping yourself and attend training, it is unlikely that most people will be able to start straight away due to the initial outlay.

  • Training can cost around £120 for a 2 day course (little practise time)
  • A beehive costs between £100-£200 depending on quality and features
  • A colony of bees in a box with a gentle queen costs between (£100-£200)
  • Safety suit and wellies (£60-£100)
  • Equipment such as hive tool and smoker (£20-£50)
  • Extra supers in summer (£20-£40)
  • Disease control, ranging from treatments to shook swarm (£30-£150)

This gives a grand total of around £450 to £860 outlay to get up and running.

With this in mind, we have developed the adoption project, to enable people in the community, to learn how to become a beekeeper and keep bees in their garden.

Adopt a Beehive!

What you will get:

image46 225x300 Adopt a Beehive
Adopt a beehive and get free training to become a beekeeper.
  • Honey bees in your chosen location
  • FREE honey, which you can jar and sell
  • Year round training and support visits to the beehive
  • Certificate of completion

What you will give:

  • An hour or two, for each week of the year. (Learning, Training & Beekeeping)
  • A small place in your garden or organisation to keep the bees
  • £5.00 per week, total cost £260
  • Year round commitment

Cost of Adoption

Due to the ongoing cost, beekeeping itself, including the cost of beekeeping equipment, the colonies and the hives, it is not possible to run this project for free! Our volunteers can help and will do so by providing you with the education, training and support but the cost of the hive, colony and equipment, needs to be covered by yourself or a sponsor.

You will need to be prepared to buy your own protective equipment (bee suit or smock, with wellies and disposable gloves) including a hive tool, smoker and bee brush. We can help with locating reasonably priced, good quality equipment and we may be able to get a deal and buy in bulk. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING SECOND HAND, as this can spread infections and diseases.

To cover the cost of the remaining expenses, Beckfield Apiary will need to receive £5 per week, every week for the entire year, starting from January 3rd 2016. 100% commitment will be needed and there are options to pay in advance or monthly.

Although this project cannot be run without donations, you will receive many benefits as explained above.