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About Beckfield Apiary

British Mated Queen Bees - Breed and mated in England!

Beckfield Apiary, based in the heart of Cheshire, develop and nurture queen honeybees and colonies through selective breeding by improving our stocks.

Rearing from last seasons stocks, we sell British Mated Queen Bees from May onwards! Our queens have been carefully selected for their ability to thrive in colonies, producing mild natured, hard-working, prolific and disease resistant bees.

As a British breeder, we are able to provide queens at short notice, once the season is up and running. Once our queens have been mated and demonstrate qualities that we like, our queens are banked to ensure our customer can order a queen and receive it the next working day by Royal Mail Special Deliver!

Our values:

  • Availability - if your colony is queenless and you want to reduce the delay in getting a mated queen, we have stocks available to send next day special delivery before 1 pm, once the season starts!
  • Stop importing - by raising queens from locally sauced queens, we reduce bring infections and diseases into the UK, and have more certainty with their ability to overwinter.
  • Selection - although the there is never the certainty of openly mated traits of the queen's offspring, we select our breeder queens for their demonstrated ability to overwinter, produce a prolific amount of worker whilst being docile and being excellent honey gatherers!